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Where to Go in Washington D.C. for a Girls Night Out

It’s Saturday night, and that means it’s time to rally the ladies and hit the town! The best thing about ladies night is not knowing what the evening will bring. Although one thing you can know is the answer to the big questions, “where to next?” Here are three of the most successful drink, dinner, lounge and dance progressions for those ladies looking to sass up their Saturday nights.

Keeping It Classy

Black Jack
(1612 14th St NW; 202-319-1612)
Located above Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, Black Jack is a one of the hottest cocktail spots in town. Enjoy a craft beer or innovative cocktail upstair before heading down to the rustic Southern style oyster bar.

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace (612 14th St NW; 202-319-1612)
Pearl Dive is a cozy, casual spot known for their extensive variety of oysters and classic Southern seafood.

The Gibson (2009 14th St NW; 202-232-2156)
Next stop is The Gibson, an intimate speakeasy where you can keep the cocktails and girl talk flowing. Don’t let the unmarked, discreet entrance deter you. This classy joint is serving up handcrafted cocktails and the perfect atmosphere for a nightcap.

Feeling Groovy

Ben’s Next Door
(1211 U St NW; 202-667-8880)
Ben’s Chili Bowl is a DC landmark, and now you can sit down and relax while enjoying the delicious Southern home cooking at Ben’s Next Door. Ladies night is about indulging in guilty pleasures, such as fried catfish, chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. Be sure to get there early and take part in their 4-7 PM happy hour!

Patty Boom Boom (1359 U St NW; 202-629-1712)
Some night, you’ve just gotta dance! After an indulgent dinner at Ben’s Next Door, head over to Patty Boom Boom to mix your dance routine at this Jamaican influenced dance club. Shake the night away to the best of reggae while you and your ladies are transported to a steamy Caribbean night.

Late Night Munchies

Whether you’re chatting or dancing the night away, every ladies night ends the same way — late night eats.

&pizza (1250 U St NW; 202-733-1286)
There’s nothing better than a post-midnight slice after a long night of drinking and dancing. Get your pizza fix at &pizza, the Ritz of late night pizza joints.

Ben’s Chili Bowl (1213 U St NW; 202-667-0909)
DC famous Ben’s Chili Bowl has been a favorite spot since 1958. Top off the night with an original chili half-smoke and fries.

Nightclub Brunch

Combine boozy brunch and shaking what your mama gave ya at the most epic brunch in town.

La Boum Brunch at L’Enfant Cafe and Bar (2000 18th St NW; 202-319-1800, reservation required)
The gets party started at 2 PM with a three course meal and your classic daytime cocktails. This afternoon nightclub is a bit pricier than your standard Saturday afternoon activities, but it is truly like no other. Standing on your chair dancing while picking at your food and downing mimosas is standard protocol for this four hour extravaganza. You’re a brunching champion if you can rally and make it out after La Boum, but no one will judge you if home is your next and last stop for the night.

Photos: The Get Down/Facebook; Black Jack; Ben's Next Door; &Pizza



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