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Drink Philly Leaves Beta Mode

A Message from the President of Drink Philly
Drink Philly Leaves Beta Mode

Hello my fellow Drinkers,

I’m very excited to announce a whole slew of features we are rolling out, which will take the Drink Philly experience to another level!

New Layout:
Our homepage has had a slight overhaul, adding new sections, our live twitter and facebook feed, and new programming which will make our site look great on mobile devices.



We’ve got a new drinks, articles, and videos pages, which are now more organized and display more content so you can see all the wonderful articles our writers put out.

Specials and Bar Filters:
Before, we only had filters by neighborhood. Now we’ve gone an extra step and added filters by type of venue, atmosphere, price, and special features. Just click your filters and everything loads in real-time, so you can find exactly the type of place you want to get a great drink deal. You can filter by type, atmosphere, price, and special features like if they do game day specials.

Bloggers Dedicated Page:
This is particularly exciting. There are so many great beer, cocktail, and wine blogs out there and it can be hard to keep up with so many great sites. Until now. We have created a page dedicated to bloggers that will automatically load their posts into the site. Finally there is a site dedicated to all things drinking, where bloggers can find other bloggers and all these great writers can get more exposure.

Facebook Connect:
With facebook connect you will now be able to socially interact with the site. You can post comments, share bars, articles, drinks, and better stay connected with the Drink Philly community.

New Video Segments:

Our new "Be the Bartender" series shows some of the best bartenders in Philadelphia making amazing cocktails. Everything is broken down so you can follow along and make the drink yourself, if you’re so inclined.


As always, these additions are here for you to make your user experience the best it possibly can be and so that you, our valued readers, can find what you want, when you want.  Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make this possible!  Most importantly, thank you, our loyal users for making this year of beta testing an enjoyable experience!




Adam Schmidt
Drink Philly
President & Founder


How are we doing? Tell us what you like or don't like and how we can improve. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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