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Last Barfighter Beercade Game Dispenses Beer When You Win

by The Drink Nation on Mar 1, 2013 in Culture
Last Barfighter Beercade Game Dispenses Beer When You Win

Been to North Carolina lately? You might want to schedule a visit, because Raleigh’s Big Boss Brewing Co. has just scored the coolest arcade game in recent history. It’s not that it has great graphics (it’s just Flash based), or amazing controls with realtime feedback. No, it’s the prizes in The Last Barfigher that are great - when you win, you win a real pour of draft beer.

Developed by NC ad agency McKinney, the "beercade" game is activated when two players place their cups under tap spigots where the quarter slots would usually be. Each chooses one of five characters that represent the standard Big Boss brews (Hell's Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller). Then you kick, punch, impale, fireball and slap your way to victory, using retro arcade game moves. When a player is vanquished, out comes the beer.

The game debuted this week at the Big Boss taproom, during a fundraiser for nonprofit Camp Kesem. In all likelihood, the game won’t be a regular attraction, but will instead be used for charity events and possibly at beer festivals, where it would offer a novel way to get your tasting sample. Now, who’s going to develop an automated version that we can play on the regular?

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